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Saturday Jul 29,2017

'Peanut Butter'

Warm Up
7 Min Amrap
*slow and steady*
250m Row
30 reverse lunges
15 push ups

Stretch/ Movement Review  

A- Strength Endurance
On the 1:30 x6
30s Back Squat @65%

B- Conditioning
8 Rounds/4ea
60s ME calories on rower
30s rest
60s ME Thrusters 65/45
30s rest

ME=Max Effort
Score=Total reps cals+thrusters

0% 0%
1st8+2 Melinda Sat,Jul 29,2017
2nd8 Agatha Sat,Jul 29,2017
3rd7+4 Deandra Sat,Jul 29,2017
1st10+5 Jimmy Sat,Jul 29,2017
2nd9+8 Asante Sat,Jul 29,2017
3rd8+7 Jake M Sat,Jul 29,2017

Jimmy10+5 Rx
Asante9+8 Rx
Jake M8+7 Rx
Melinda8+2 Rx
Deandra7+4 Rx
nichole vRx
Kelly B6+23 Rx
Jordan5+3 Rx
Mea10  Not Rx
Ivan9+23  Not Rx
a-Lemar Not Rx
lizbeth Not Rx
Keri Not Rx
Helen Not Rx
Raven Not Rx
desirea Not Rx
Stephanie C Not Rx
Jorge D Not Rx
Smileyne6+5  Not Rx
Neil6+1  Not Rx
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