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Monday Jul 17,2017


Cardio,Strength: Rounds-Rx+
3 Stead Rounds
10 OHS
10 Good Morning
10 PVC Pipe Pass Throughs

Stretch/Movement Reviews

Skill/Accessory (20mins)
Olympic Lifting Technique (Practice any Lift light to moderate weight focus on speed and technique)

AMRAP 10 Minutes
5 Bar Muscle Ups or 7 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
20 Wallballs 20/15lbs

0% 0%
1st3+8 +Bree Mon,Jul 17,2017
2nd5+9Kelly G Mon,Jul 17,2017
3rd5Isabel Mon,Jul 17,2017
1st6+8 +Jean L Mon,Jul 17,2017
2nd5+1 +Jordan Mon,Jul 17,2017
3rd4+5 +Cory Mon,Jul 17,2017

Jean L6+8 Rx+
Jordan5+1 Rx+ Not Rx
Cory4+5 Rx+
Bree3+8 Rx+
Jake M5+8 Rx Skill - Squat & Power Cleans
Carmelo5+1 Rx
Michael B3+8 Rx
Jonathan P6+21  Skill- Snatch
Reyes Skill- Power Cleans
Mea5+19  Skill- Snatch
Hannah M5+17  Not Rx
Matthew S5+13  Not Rx
Melinda5+12  Not Rx
Kelly G5+9  Skill- Push Jerk
Allison5+7  Not Rx
Brian R5+7  Not Rx
Luisa v5+7  Not Rx
Isabel Not Rx
Francisco Not Rx
Gregory C Not Rx
London Not Rx
Gilda4+22  Not Rx
Taylor4+20  Not Rx
Cristina A4+19  Skill- Push Jerk
Cristina O4+19  Not Rx
valentin4+15  Not Rx
Agatha4+15  Not Rx
Marshall4+7  Not Rx
Miguel S4+6  Not Rx
Nicole P Skill- Push Jerk
Tanjala Not Rx
Neil3+21  Not Rx
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