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Wednesday Jul 5,2017

Gymversary Jean L-1
Welcome Lee

Grace @CFE

Cardio,Strength: Time
100 Double Unders or 175 Singles  


Power Clean and Jerk  
Build to Heavy Single  

For Time:  
30 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

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Megatron2:36 Rx
Adam2:56 Rx
tim s2:59 Rx
Kelly B3:04 Rx
Nick G3:39 Rx
Sedy3:50 Rx
Brittany G4:00 Rx
Bree4:05 Rx
Amber6:09 Rx
Jake M6:42 Rx
Carmelo7:03 Rx
Neil7:18 Rx
a-John7:40 Rx
Brian R7:48 Rx taken from tumbling mats instead of floor
nichole v8:58 Rx
Carole2:15  65 lb C&J
Isabel2:32  50 lb C&J
Luisa v2:45  INTRO; 50 lb C&J
Dan S2:50  INTRO; 65 lb C&J
Melinda2:53  75 lb C&J
Destinee2:56  75 lb C&J
Taylor3:15  50 lb C&J
jose t3:20  INTRO; 85 lb C&J
Kadian3:21  INTRO; 45 lb C&J
Allison3:31  INTRO; 65 lb C&J
Matt H3:35  INTRO, 65 lb C&J
Shenique4:02  INTRO; 35 lb C&J
Emily S4:07  INTRO; 35 lb C&J
Ivan Mi4:16  95 lb C&J
Jaquan M4:24  INTRO; 45 lb C&J
Lee4:53  85 lb C&J
Matthew S4:54  45 lb C&J
Jorge D5:02  95 lb C&J
Jonathan L5:25  95 lb C&J
Maria R5:30  55 lb C&J
jennifer p5:30  INTRO, clean and front squat
Reyes5:53  105 lb C&J
Cory5:55  115 lb C&J _ 6:23(7-5-17)
Mea5:58  65 lb C&J
Nelson6:13  95 lb C&J
Agatha7:41  75 lb C&J
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