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Monday Jun 19,2017

Happy Birthday gerald c
Gymversary Asante-2
Welcome Taylor


Cardio,Strength: Rounds
Warmup 3
- 10 Goblet Squats
- 10 Push-ups
- 200m Jog


Back Squat (6×5 @60%+20 of 1RM)

Every min (6mins)
Perform 5 back squats

WOD (Time)

For Time:
MIRANDA Lane run
Then, for remainder of 25 minutes...
4 handstand push-ups
8 chest-to-bar pull-ups
12 squats

Rx+: strict HSPU

0% 0%
1st11+5 Megatron Mon,Jun 19,2017
2nd10+5 Brittany D Mon,Jun 19,2017
3rd9+4 Bree Mon,Jun 19,2017
1st11+4 Adam Mon,Jun 19,2017
2nd7+2 Jean L Mon,Jun 19,2017
3rd7 Nick G Mon,Jun 19,2017

Megatron11+5 Rx 75 lb strict press
Adam11+4 Rx 225 lb back squat
Brittany D10+5 Rx
Bree9+4 Rx
Brittany G8+2 Rx
Jean L7+2 Rx
Nick GRx
Melinda6+12 Rx
Carmelo6+9 Rx 185 lb back squat
Amber5+9 Rx 135 lb back squat
Cory5+5 Rx
jennifer p14  Push ups & ring rows
Miguel S10+2  wall walks & ring rows
Maria R10  Ring rows
Tim O10  push ups on box & ring rows
Jonathan L8+20  Pull ups & wall walks
Smileyne Wall walks & ring rows
Jonathan P7+3  225 lb back squat
Sedy7+3  Wall walks & ring rows
Allison7+2  65 lb back squat
David K6+20  135 lb back squat
Gilda6+3  85 lb back squat
Taylor5+21  85 lb back squat
Tiffany5+19  85 lb back squat
nichole v5+6  135 lb back squat
Vikram5+4  115 lb back squat
ashley bru5+2  Wall walks
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