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Tuesday, Sep 6, 2016

Happy Birthday nichole v


Body Weight,Cardio,Max: Time
Warmup x3  
2 minutes jump rope
15 lunges
10 good mornings

WOD (time)
Run 1 Mile

Skill Gymnastics Accessory
Pull-up/Bar/ Muscle Up Test
(not for faint of heart)
1-2-3-4-5-6-5-4-3-2-1 (scaled)
For Time – Unbroken

0% 0%
Chosen as WOD: Fri,Sep 15,2017 Tue,Apr 11,2017 Fri,Sep 16,2016 Tue,Sep 6,2016 Fri,Jul 1,2016 Fri,May 6,2016 Sat,Nov 21,2015 Thu,Sep 3,2015
1st5:59 Megatron Tue,Apr 11,2017
2nd6:17 Bree Tue,Sep 6,2016
3rd6:55 Brittany D Tue,Apr 11,2017
1st5:44 +Jordan Tue,Sep 6,2016
2nd5:39 Mark A Fri,Sep 15,2017
3rd5:46 a-Lemar Fri,Jul 1,2016

Jordan5:44 Rx+ 1st Not Rx
Ainsley7:00 Rx+
Daniel H6:02 Rx 4th Not Rx
Megatron6:08 Rx Not Rx
a-John6:12 Rx 7:12 #2
Bree6:17 Rx 2nd
Elle7:05 Rx 4th Not Rx
gerald c7:10 Rx First time one mile run
Nick G7:22 Rx 12th Not Rx
Amber7:44 Rx 8th Not Rx
Melinda8:17 Rx 10th Not Rx
Jonathan P8:22 Rx 16th Not Rx
eliana8:24 Rx Not Rx
Kelly B8:29 Rx 13th Not Rx
Brittany A8:37 Rx Not Rx
Cristina O8:52 Rx Not Rx
tim s11:32 Rx Not Rx
Daniel Ro7:32  Not Rx
Scott7:34  Not Rx
Kathleen D7:40  Not Rx
christian r7:54  Not Rx
Kate C8:46  Not Rx
James R8:48  Not Rx
Nathalia9:00  Not Rx
Jean L9:15  Not Rx
Isabel9:18  Not Rx
Tatiana9:34  Not RX
Luisa v10:12  23rd Not Rx
Mea11:29  Not Rx
Tanjala12:21  Not Rx
Eugene13:04  Not Rx
tyffani15:20  Not Rx
Cory25:00  Not Rx
Carole999:00  Rowed instead of running... who knows how long? Not me.
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